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How to identify your target audience

Identifying ‘who the brand is for’ is an essential part of positioning your brand to resonate on a human level. When you define an audience persona you can gather important insight in ways to keep customers interested in the brand and find/attract more of them.

More importantly, when you have this insight you can learn the emotions involved with the pain points that your brand solves, which will help to connect on a much deeper level.

Here are 6 steps to identifying your target audience:

#1 - Start with a title for the audience or market segment

Give the persona a name to help you and your team connect with it on a human level. Once something has a name it then starts to become more alive in our minds and it will help to relate to the persona as if it were a real person.

#2 - Uncover their circumstances

Think about the demographics of the market segment – like age, gender, income, occupation & family status.

#3 - Understand their behaviours

Next we look at psychographics and behaviours which include things like personal values, political opinions, what they like to eat, what they like to read, what hobbies do they have. Both the demographics and psychographics information can be extracted using customer analysis tools or social media.

#4 - Identify their goals

Uncovering what their goals and aspirations are will give you insight into the psyche of the persona. Think about life goals and also what their goals are on a day to day that you are going to help them achieve.

#5 - Discover their obstacles

What is standing in the way of their goals? What do they need help with?

#6 - Reveal their emotions

There will be emotions attached to the goal they want to achieve and also emotions attached to what is standing in the way. Identifying these sets of emotions attached to the goals and challenges is a really important step of this process, because it’s what will help your brand to connect and resonate with your audience.

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About the Author

Gemma is a logo and branding designer at Emotion Brands and enjoys working across strategy and design. During her 20 year career she has worked with global brands, such as Davines, Secret Escapes, Wella Professionals and L'Oréal. She's constantly evolving her skills and enjoys taking a holistic approach to branding, with a particular interest in sustainability and eco print practices.

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