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What is brand messaging and how to create it for a retail business

Brand messaging is a series of paragraphs which identifies the different problems your customers have and articulates how your business solves them – in a way that is unique to your business and your customers.

With so much stimulation the attention span of our audience has lessened. We filter information very quickly, so if your messaging is not targeted enough, or too complex it might just get ignored.

Structured and targeted messaging is essential for grabbing the attention of who your products are intended for. It will instantly answer their burning question; “How does this relate to me?”

We can use a series of questions to build out messages that can be used in marketing to communicate the brand’s value to your customers – on the website, in social media posts, blog posts, printed media etc.

Answer the questions below and list all the possible outcomes for each:

#1 Who is your audience?

#2 What are their pain points relating to your brand?

#3 What are the benefits of your solution?

#4 How is your product different to the alternatives?

#5 How will they feel after interacting with your brand?

Here’s an example of possible answers using a fictitious makeup brand:

Question #1 Who is your target audience?

  • women aged between 30-60

  • Income level 30k +

  • Lives in the UK

Question #2 What are their pain points relating to your brand?

  • Concerned about the impact big brands have on the environment

  • Want something that is kind to their skin and dermatologically tested

  • Conscious about testing on animals

  • Worried about ageing and the effects makeup has

Question #3 What are the benefits of your solution?

  • Recycled and recyclable packaging

  • Ocean bound plastic schemes

  • Not tested on animals

  • Special anti-ageing formula

Question #4 How is your product different to the alternatives?

  • We have sustainable practices at the heart of everything we do

Question #5 How will they feel after interacting with your brand?

  • Safe in the knowledge we are looking after the things they are concerned about

  • Confident that our makeup is the best solution for them

  • Content they are part of a community of likeminded people who are earth conscious

  • Satisfied with their efforts of helping the earth

Now we have an idea of what the makeup brand does and why that matters to their customers. You can take an answer from each list and build out a paragraph, like this:

“We’re here for women who are concerned about the impact big brands have on the environment. We care about our carbon footprint and the future of the planet, so all our packaging is made from recycled plastic and is recyclable too. Our sustainability promises are what sets us apart so you can be confident we have your best interests at the heart of what we do.”

In the above we have made the connection between the brand’s values and the customer. It’s not just a statement about the brand and what they offer. We have incorporated the customer and their pain points, so that any new customers (who fit the same persona) can connect with the message.

If you manage a brand with products for varying audiences and different pain points (like vitamin food supplements for example) you can get much more detailed for each ‘product brand’ and create messaging that is even more targeted on a product/solution specific level.

To find out more on brand messaging and how we can help your retail brand, get in touch.


About the Author

Gemma is a logo and branding designer at Emotion Brands and enjoys working across strategy and design. During her 20 year career she has worked with global brands, such as Davines, Secret Escapes, Wella Professionals and L'Oréal. She's constantly evolving her skills and enjoys taking a holistic approach to branding, with a particular interest in sustainability and eco print practices.

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