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How strong is your brand? Take the Brand Strength Quiz

Girl boss boxing to strengthen her metaphoric branding

Grab a pen, some paper and draw out this diagram below.

Brand strength graph

Now answer these simple questions, as honestly as possible and give yourself a score between 1 to 10 for each.

1. Brand strength/weakness

  • Do sufficient people know about the brand (10)

  • or is it relatively unknown (1)?


  • Do people always remember the brand name? (10)

  • or does it frequently get confused or forgotten? (1)


  • Do people who know about it understand thoroughly what the brand is about? (10)

  • or do you always need to explain it? (1)


Add the scores together and divide by 3 to get an average score.

Average score:

Plot your brand along the corresponding number on the horizontal axis.

Now do the same scoring system with these questions…

2. Brand positive/negative

  • Do we receive lots of positive feedback (10)

  • or are the comments generally negative (1)


  • Do we receive lots of recommendations (10)

  • or none at all (1)


  • Do you have lots of repeat customers and new people seeking us out (10)

  • or is it always an effort to get new customers (1)


Again, add the scores together and divide by 3 to get an average score.

Average score:

Plot your brand along the corresponding number on the vertical axis this time.

Now to find your place on the grid, map where the 2 points meet when drawing a straight line vertically and horizontally from each cross. See the example below.

Brand strength quiz graph

So now you should have a cross in one of the quadrants of the graph.

If your brand is in the top right quadrant, strong/positive – brilliant! You’re doing well and just keep on doing what you’re doing.

If your brand is in the top left quadrant, weak/positive – you’ll need to do some work on brand awareness, perhaps post more regularly and consistently on social media and work on an email campaign to retain previous customers. You could also implement a recommend a friend scheme, or a feedback scheme to encourage reviews and build credibility.

If your brand is bottom right quadrant, strong/negative – it’s time to work on customer service and fixing those negative opinions. Once this is fixed, implementing a feedback scheme could be helpful, to communicate the positive changes made. A whopping 9 out of 10 people will read reviews before making a purchase, Google being the most popular place to read those reviews.

If your brand is bottom left quadrant, weak/negative – put the negatives first and then work on brand awareness.

From here you can start to make a plan of priority and start your brand awareness journey.

This Brand Strength Quiz was influenced by ‘Build a Brand in 30 days’ by Simon Middleton.

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Gemma from Emotion Brands Bournemouth Branding and Design Agency

About the Author

Gemma is a logo and branding designer at Emotion Brands and enjoys working across strategy and design. During her 20 year career she has worked with global brands, such as Davines, Secret Escapes, Wella Professionals and L'Oréal. She's constantly evolving her skills and enjoys taking a holistic approach to branding, with a particular interest in sustainability and eco print practices.

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