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A group shot of Scotts Trading products with the old carry case. 

A group shot of Safeguard products with carry case. 


V6 Engine Packaging Design

The Brief

Scotts Trading is a family run business with a portfolio of products made specifically for vehicles. Their audience is nationwide car dealerships.


With increasing costs to manufacture their Safeguard products and the carry case in which they are presented, Scotts wanted to pivot and innovate a new, more environmentally friendly idea to offer alongside their legacy pack. The idea was to print a bespoke engineered, recyclable box with V6 engine artwork – to enable them to keep costs the same, have the same appeal, but with a unique and interesting difference.

Safeguard Group

The Solution

Working closely with a VW and Audi Master Technician, we created graphic designed artwork that resembled a V6 engine – including details like crank shaft, timing chain and inlet manifold. The box was designed to have cutouts where the pistons would be, for the products to show through.


The design was then printed litho onto corrugated cardboard and constructed with a strong adhesive to allow for the end user to move the box around, whilst keeping its robustness. We also added discreet logos to encourage the end user to recycle when they needed to dispose of it.

The new product box has been very well received nationwide by the dealerships, allowing Scotts Trading to positively build their brand and secure business with their customers.

Safegard V6 engine box

The new Safeguard product box printed with V6 engine artwork.

Safegard V6 engine box side on

Side view of the box showing the products where the pistons are, and crankshaft.

Safegard V6 engine box

End view of the box showing timing chain.

Safegard V6 engine box

Vector artwork before it was printed onto the cardboard and die cut.

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