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Logo and Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design

The Brief

INTEGO PRO has been carefully designed and created by a team of sports enthusiasts and formulated by very experienced cosmetics experts, who appreciate how important a reliable sunscreen is to professional athletes. They have an ethical outlook and take their footprint seriously, incorporating eco practises where possible and making their products reef safe.


The Intego team needed a strong logo and branding design, sunscreen packaging, marketing and website design support, which helped communicate to their audience the unique differences their products offer.

IntergoPro sport sunscreen packaging
IntegoPro Leaflet sports sunscreen brand communication

Logo and Branding Design

The logo and branding incorporates a bold icon that represents different meanings – the first being a heartbeat symbol to make the connection with sports, action and adrenaline. The symbol also represents mountains and sea with a sun above, to reflect the conditions these products are suitable for. The final subtle visual is the ‘i’ for Intego.

Bold bright colours were chosen for the branding and the primary colour being cyan blue is used on the flagship product packaging for SPF 50+ and SPF 30.

Intego mobile website
Website Design

We designed and built an e-commerce, mobile responsive site to connect with the audience and drive sales of the products. All pages communicate the brand  purpose clearly using messaging, strong brand colours, bold icons and images of sailing as a sport. The team at Intego manage their own social media and post regularly, so we incorporated an Instagram feed for cross promotion and brand awareness.

recycled paper textured effect

"Emotion Brands have done various  jobs for us over the last few years. Their attention to our brief and quality of work is excellent and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Communication is very straight forwards and clear and they always deliver on time and budget.”


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