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Logo, Branding & Packaging Design

The Brief

The Emotion Enhance team create essential oil products. They created a range of duo pack inhalers from proven and researched qualities of a range of essential oils, that have specific properties to benefit the user in various circumstances.


The first of their oil combinations is the Travel Formulation duo pack, which contains inhalers for pre-flight and post-flight use. The specifically developed formulations in each inhaler contains oils that have air antiseptic, bactericidal and immune supportive qualities. Essential for airport and airplane environments.


The team at Emotion Enhance needed a logo and branding along with packaging design and marketing materials to support the creation of the new business idea and products. They plan to bring more essential oil combinations to market for sleep, focus and energy, so we needed to take this into consideration with the designs.

Emotion Enhance travel duo product design packaging
Emotion Enhance packaging and brand identity design

The Solution

The logo concept is based on the team’s process of layering the essential oils to create a combination that works together in harmony. The gradient colour radiating out is to help depict the separate oils that blend seamlessly.


The 2 tones of blue forms part of the overall branding and carried across to the packaging, giving a yin and yang feel for post-flight and pre-flight.


Icons for each duo pack were designed to help with use association across all packaging design.

Emotion Enhance brand identity design
Emotion Enhance wellness inhaler product branding and packaging flat artwork
recycled paper textured effect

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