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Butcher wears campaign tshirt and branding for support your local butcher


– Resonate and connect with customers through emotive design.

Welcome to Emotion Brands – Your Storyteller Through Design in Bournemouth

At Emotion Brands, we don't just create designs; we weave your unique stories into every pixel and curve. In the picturesque town of Bournemouth, your brand's narrative deserves to be told with as much beauty and passion as the town itself.

Why Embark on Your Graphic Design Journey with Us?

  • Emotional Connection: In the bustling, creative heart of Bournemouth, we craft designs that do more than catch the eye—they touch the heart. Each project is a new story, a new adventure.

  • Tailored Creativity: Your brand's essence is unique, and so should be your design. We delve deep into understanding what makes your brand special, ensuring every design is a reflection of your passion and dreams.

  • A Local Touch: Being part of the Bournemouth community, we have a special connection with the local vibe and culture. This insight allows us to craft designs that resonate deeply with our local audience.

  • A Journey Together: Working with us is more than a transaction; it’s a partnership. We are with you at every step, ensuring our shared vision comes to life in the most beautiful and impactful way.

See the Magic: Our Portfolio of Stories

Dive into our portfolio and see the tales of Bournemouth businesses brought to life through design. Each project, a testament to the power of emotional and creative storytelling. You will find a culminated array of Brand Identity projects, graphic design and website design, from many years of experience in design. 

Hear the Echoes of Happy Clients

The smiles and successes of our clients are the greatest accolades. Read their stories of how our collaborative journey in design made a difference for them.

Let’s Start Our Story Today

Are you ready to turn your brand story into a visual masterpiece? Get in touch, and let’s start your journey in Bournemouth today. We can't wait to meet you and be a part of your story!


Scotts Trading Box Packaging to look like a V6 engine
Hospitality Event Hire branding
Narnia Event Programme and event branding
Looking for a Graphic Designer in Bournemouth?

Get in touch for Logo and Branding, or Graphic Design support.

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