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Logo, Branding and Packaging Design

The Brief

Dorset Bird Feed Co. is a small company based on The Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. They're a start-up business creating an eco-friendly bird feed product, using entirely British grown ingredients. Their values are built on the love of birds and nature, being in the garden and being green (eco). They wanted to create seasonal boxes of quality bird feed, which were special and appealing enough to give as a gift, to a bird loving friend or family member. They wanted to portray a relatable, fun and playful feel for the branding and packaging designs.


The first packaging design needed to double up as a bird feeder, so people could purchase a small amount of feed, with the option of using the packaging as a short-term bird feeder.

dorset bird feed packaging design

Dorset Bird Feed Packaging - which doubles up as a short-term feeder.

dorset bird feed packaging design box packaging

The Solution

We worked with Dorset Bird Feed Co. firstly on their branding, after extensive research into the target market and competitive landscape, we created a playful badge in a hand drawn style, to suit the personality of the brand and stand out on packaging. An illustrative floral style was created for the packaging designs, which could translate across all the seasons and form patterns to carry across all products, to tie them together visually.


Next we worked closely with a packaging manufacturer to create concepts for the bird feeder. It needed to be light enough to hang on a branch, but strong enough to withstand a few weeks in showery conditions.


We also created simpler boxes for seasonal mixes which were retailed in garden centres and independent gift shops.

dorset bird feed packaging design box brand identity

Dorset Bird Feed on shelves in Haskells Garden Centre.

dorset bird feed packaging design box brand identity

Technical box packaging for Dorset Bird Feed Co.

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